Mazda Greenhills 10-10-10 Promo!


10 pesos labor
10 liters of FREE gas
10% parts discount

*plus free 10 point vehicle check-up

promo period: September 1 to November 30 (weekdays; Monday to Friday) 8am to 5pm

valid for Mazda models from 2004 to 2012

CALL 7221102 / 0918 9151034


What is Google+? a.k.a the “Facebook Clone”

Search engine company Google has just announced it most recent attempt at creating a social network. Tagged as Google+, it has been set to rival against more the popular site, Facebook.

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Worst Dog Food Brands

Pedigree, Eukanuba, IAMS, Science diet. Sounds familiar? I wasn’t really particular about what brand of dog food we fed our dog up until i bought my very own German Shepherd Dog (yes, the word “Dog” is part of the breed’s name, otherwise you’re referring to a human being). Once i had my pup, gone were the days of cooked human food and in came the expensive 21kg bags of dog food.

Dog food brands

There are many dog food brands. Do you know what they're made of?

But just like any living being, our dogs need the PROPER nourishment. Most brands would plaster a picture of a majestic looking golden retriever and claim that your dog would be as happy and healthy as their dog. (hint: it comes in a yellow bag).

Sadly, most dog owners today remain uneducated about what their dogs need.

I don’t think skipper likes it, this brand sucks!” or “Candy is looking a little thin, why did you have to buy the cheap food?Read the rest of this entry

How to win at Scrabble?

I have been asking myself this question quite frequently within the past few months. Not to say that i havent won but i would like to keep winning! I play scrabble frequently (Tenaciously!) and i wondered how to increase my odds of winning….and by winning i mean eating your opponents for breakfast!

scrabble logo

After doing some research, i have now succesfully put together a guide for players like me, who aspire to kick-butt in scrabble. Read the rest of this entry

Korn LIVE in Manila 2011!

Korn (Jonathan Davis, Fieldy, Munky, and the guy who isn't David Silveria)

You read it right guys! Korn is coming to town! Concert date is on August 10, 2011 – 8pm at the Araneta Coliseum.

Stay tuned for more updates and a chance to win FREE tickets, signed merchandise and a chance to meet KORN.

Tickets will be available at all TicketNet outlets nationwide.

Source: Odysseylive and Ovation Productions

Max’s Chicken-all-you-can IS BACK!

It’s BACK! The Max’s chicken-all-you-can promo is now back for a limited time only! For those who have not heard of this promo (where were you during the first one?), you get to eat all the chicken you want for only 199 Pesos and it comes with a glass of Pepsi too! Promo is available from 6pm to 10pm daily from June 10, 2011 to July 10, 2011.

Offer lasts until July 10, 2011 only.

I was able to avail of this promo recently and it was glorious! Max’s fried chicken dipped into some UFC ketchup mixed with Worcestershire sauce and a little hot sauce, you got yourself a glorious meal!

Rice lovers be warned as this promo does not include any rice. In my opinion, who would need rice if you can HAVE ALL THE CHICKEN YOU WANT! One advise though, try to get there around 6pm or 7pm at the latest. Lines start to form during the mid hours of the promo and once you get in, getting your plate refilled could take up to 5 minutes due to the number of people availing the same promo!

All in all, its a great promo! I hope they turn it into an all day promo and extend the promo duration!


Are electronic cigarettes safe?


One of the cheaper models sold for around 500 pesos or less

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are handheld nicotine-delivery devices that offer a straight shot of nicotine directly into one’s lungs without the tobacco. These devices are garnering a huge following despite the amount of controversy surrounding its popularity.

New York is now pushing to be one of the first states to ban e-cigarettes. It is feared to be a gateway for teenagers to develop the habit of smoking and eventually lead to nicotine addiction. The cute designs and nifty freebies are feared to be appealing to youngsters. But those arguments are met with equal value from long time smokers. Most would say that e-cigarettes help them lessen the consumption of real cigarettes which could be seen as a possible advantage and health benefit.

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Rugged Phone: Samsung E2370 Review


Modest and simple design.

Only a couple of words can describe this handset for me. Rugged, simple, efficient and cheap.

The Samsung E2370 boasts a number of neat and useful features that would make a cheapskate like me, take a second look and eventually get one. Here are the features you should know about the Samsung E2370.

Splash-proof/Splash-resistant/Shock-resistant: Before anything else, i would like to point out that this handset is NOT WATERPROOF. Simply put, you cannot expect to dip this thing into you family aquarium and expect to have it operate under water. What makes it so special? The outer structure of the phone is “Splash-proof” or “Splash-resistant”. This handset will survive your regular drops, bumps, or maybe even play catch with this thing. Regular splashes such as rain drops, spilling your drink onto your phone or even a quick dip into water are not a problem too. This is as far as Samsung is willing to guarantee but not as far as I’m willing to go in terms of testing this unit.

Battery life: The battery boasts a standby time of 42 days and a talk time of about 20 hours on a single charge. Really? I put this claim to the test. These claims are results of testing that are done in the best possible scenario to achieve the said results. I have used the handset for 1 whole month now and i can say that with all the music playing, flashlight use, calls, texts and more music playing, i have only had to charge my unit TWICE and it doesn’t even take that long to charge. It’s nowhere near 42 days but still gives some truth to the claim that it has a beefed up battery pack. Great for people who travel and are nowhere near an electrical outlet such as mountaineers, people who always forget to charge or bring their chargers with them. Overall, the battery life is something to consider when looking at this handset. Read the rest of this entry